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Where was I? Oh yeah I was crossng the border into Mexico...
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leslie_lagringa wrote in mexican_life

Lets see, I believe I had just crossed the border into Mexico on my first trip there. Yes that's where I was. The whole crossing the border had me a little stressed out and then to drive into the country and see the poverty, the living conditions, and the hopelessness on most of their faces. People were everywhere walking, selling their goods, sitting around, you name it.

What really caught me by surprise was one of the young guys coming up to our vehicle when we stopped at a light. He approached our vehicle jumped up on the driver side front tire and just started washing the windshield. I looked over at my ex to see what he was doing and he was reaching for  his wallet. Getting out two dollars he handed it to the young boy when he finished cleaning our windshield. I asked him if that was normal. He told it was but you had to be careful or they would take advantage of you. And just as soon as we pulled up to the next light another boy tried to do the same thing. My ex waving him away and driving off with the light turning green.

Driving along for about thirty minutes we come upon a road block. I see that it is a permanent one. We drive up to the officer as the car in front of us pulls away. My ex talks to the officer for a second then we pull up and over to the side of the road. He tells me that they want to search the car and that they could. Mexico didn't have any search warrent laws for motor vehicles that he knew of.

 Searching the car all they find are the gifts we had bought for his family. You could see in their faces they were up to no good and low and behold they prove to live up to my expectations. They wanted $40 this time. So my ex hands them over the money. We load up heading on down the highway. He explains to me after I ask him why he paid them that it was a lot easier than getting charged with some bogus charge and sitting in jail for only the Lord knows how long. 

 We drive another nine hours before we get to his parents home. Now mind you the last two hours of this was climbing a steep, winding, narrow road up a mt. where there was no electricity. We are heading up for what it seemed an eternity. There were no street lights of course and no lights on in homes to give you a sense of where you were. Ok i'm sooo tired from all the driving for the past three days and scared from not knowing if we were about to drive off the mt around the next curve, So you can imagine I am on the verge of tears. Just when I thought I couldn't go anymore and I had asked him for about the fiftieth time if we were there yet lol. He tells me "here we are" pulling off the road on the narrow edge onto what must have been a parking place. "This is it?" I ask him in disbelief. 

It was our destination and boy was I ever so glad. We get out of the vehicle in the pitch dark black and  see small dots down the side of the hill that had to be lights from a house. I asked him if we had to go down there and he tells me we do. "Ok," I'm thinking " what the heck is next? How the heck are we going down the side of this mt. in the dark? About this time I catch a glimpse of a small light moving around down below. It started to climb up towards us getting closer until the person carrying it came into sight. It was my ex's father bringing us light to see with.

Well after tripping about five times, each time thinking I was going to fall and roll to the front door, we make it to the yard in front of the house where it leveled off.

Coming out the door to meet us was his mom. She was a short woman in her sixties it seemed. She hugged my ex for the longest time talking to him what seemed to be loving words then scolding words.

Now I knew just a little spanish not much. I had taken a year in high school but didn't learn much. You learn it better when you live with it. I didn't know enough though to understand what she was saying.

Next thing I knew she was hugging me and pulling us towards the house. She took us to the kitchen where she had made us something to eat. Going over to the stove she heats the food back up for us.

We eat all the while my ex and his parents talking non stop. I tell him that i'm very tired and that I wanted to go to bed. To please thank them and to excuse me, not to think I was being rude. They comepletely understood and his mom took me to what was goin to be our room.

We had arrived around 10:30pm so after we had ate I figured it was around 12 midnight. I looked at my watch and it was 12:15am. That night I was so tired I didn'y bother changing into my bed clothes I was so tired. I just removed my shoes and my shorts then fell into bed.

Leslie La Gringa


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