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Im on my way(I think)
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leslie_lagringa wrote in mexican_life

Ok, i'ts Monday evening and i've checked in with my flight & I think i'm actually going to be on my way tomorrow. Don't hold your breath though, never know what will pop-up with my luck.

My flight leaves Charlotte,
NC tomorrow at 11:10 am out of Charlotte-Douglas Airport heading for Houston, Tx. I'm layed over for an hour and eighteen minutes till my next flight leaves for Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico. That hour and eighteen minutes is probably just enough time for me to get through security and find my gate for my flight. Knowing me & my luck though something will happen to cause me to miss my flight.

You would think with me moving away for a couple of months that my family would be more apt to want to be with me or at least get along. Not my family. My mom is always finding fault with everything I do or say. I haven't been home an hour and she's already started on me. I asked her if she was going to stay on my ass right up until the last minute before I left and that shut her up.

I haven't told my dad where I'm going because of his backward racist feelings. I was going to tell him tonight. But of course my mom had to butt in where she has no business and put it upon herself to call him telling his voice mail that i'm leaving tomorrow for Mexico. Now i've got to hear his mouth when I call him as soon as he answers.

Nice send off huh.

Leslie La Gringa


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