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Dropping everything & moving to Mexico!
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leslie_lagringa wrote in mexican_life

Well let me start this by saying that I knew this day was coming but I never knew exactly when or how. I've always been the kind of person that has done things on a last minute decision, drop of a hat, spur of the moment thing. Sometimes it is hectic and stressfull, yes stressfull. But to me people who have things planned out through the day or through their lives are boring. They are never going to get to see what life is really about with all their schedules and itineraries. My mom tells me that I need to grow up. (My kids tell me too, they tell me that I'm a bigger kid than them, btw I'm 41.)

This actually started about 15 years ago when I made my first trip to Mexico with 
an old ex-boyfriend. We actually drove the whole trip whick took us around 36 hours total. I know what you are thinking, wow what a great way to see the country. Well after about 18 hours of pavement, cars, trees, bridges, rest areas, and passing through seven or eight large cities I had had enough of seeing the countryside.

Keeping awake was getting harder so we stopped over in a town called Port Auther, Texas and stayed with a friend of mine. Now Port Auther if you didn't know is the home town of Janis Joplin. They make that well known too with giant billboards at the entraces to town.

Staying at my friend Vicky's we slept twelve hours or so starting out again the next morning at 3am. We were in Houston in no time. The center of all the interstates really was amazing. Being an ol country bumkin hillbilly from Western North Carolina I had never seen anything like it before.

We reached the border at 12 noon and low and behold it starts. As it would have it I didn't have a passport and Mexico was starting to require them for entrance. So as you have all heard and it's true I witnessed it first hand, slide the Mexico Border Patrol Officer $20 and we were on our way.  That easy.

Ok so we're on our way into Mexico and I can't believe what I'm seeing. It's a whole totally different world from where we were just minutes ago in the states. It was mind blowing. Now we have all seen the commercials on t.v. of these 3rd world countries and their poverty. It tugs on our heart strings. Well that is nothiing, you can't imagine this unless you see it in person. If it doesn't just about pull your heart strings out then you have no heart.  

Well of course being from the southeast I wasn't familiar with the geological factors either. I had always imagined that Mexico was all sand and cactus. Well to my dismay I was wrong. Yes there were some cacti but no sand just alot of dirt. It was really dusty, dry and hot. This was in April so it was strarting to get pretty warm outside. More than I was used to that time of he year. I was so glad to be on our way. The border patrol for Mexico wasn't a great experience.

Leslie La Gringa


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